Friday, March 26, 2010

Randomly Delicious & awards

Well, this is going to be a very random blog, but sometimes that is what we need. First, I want to say this week’s Watcha Say Wednesday was awesome! I learn so much from you guys, and it was fascinating to see how other writers create their stories. (If you didn’t chime in, you still can.) It seemed the majority came up with a concept first. That’s me, too. I come up with the concept, normally a “what if,” then I interview characters until I find the perfect one that will breathe life into the concept. Then find their natural habitat – and go from there. This was fun. I hope you guys are enjoying WSW as much as I am. Maybe next week won’t be so crazy, and I can weigh in more, but I did enjoy seeing all the wonderful responses come in.
This week I learned that writing = sleeping. I can stay up really late when I’m writing, and the next morning I’m a ball of sunshine. However, if I stay up because I’m trying to take the legs out from under my to-do list –yea, not so much. The next morning I need coffee on an I.V. drip, and turn into Queen Grumperella. Very strange, but enlightening.  
Next Monday, I will be rolling out --- wait for it --- wait for it --- The Keep It Going Contest. Details and the story will be posted Sunday night – so come back by. I’m making a few changes based on the suggestions received.
Laurel over at Laurel’s Leaves passed on the “Creative Writer” award. I think you’ve seen it about, but the rules are for me to lie to you five out of six times and you get to guess which one is the truth. So, remember – I didn’t lie to you on purpose—Laurel made me do it.
So, here we go.
1) When I was in the third grade, I won the school spelling bee. I went to regionals, but was out smarted by a kid that had a giant bald spot on the back of his head. Looking back, I’m guessing his mom got a little careless with the clippers.
2) The day after I bought my last car, a pregnant woman crashed into me in a mall parking lot. Her friend got out of the car and started yelling at me like it was my fault. Meanwhile, the pregnant lady started crying. I felt so bad that I started apologizing. Did I mention that she hit me?
3) In the second grade, I started a petition to have one of the teacher’s aides fired. I thought that she was very mean- and with no reason. So I pranced about the playground and had kids sign up. I walked it right into the principal’s office, who called my dad.
4) The first place that I rented by myself was outside of San Antonio. It was a two bedroom trailer, with a lavender bathtub, sink and toilet in the bathroom. I was so excited that the first thing I bought was a matching shower curtain. Then my friends and I drank heavily, and I got to be the first one to yack in the purple toilet.
5) I’ve always been a music lover. I started playing the violin in the third grade and played until the sixth grade. I only quit, because the cute boy thought it was lame. The cute boy that I am sure is now lame.
6) I went to my senior prom with my (at the time) boyfriend’s best friend. Poor guy got grounded, and was trying to be nice by offering up his buddy’s services. He, basically, just drove me there, and I hung with my friend’s all night. I found out later that the boyfriend sent him as a spy. Naughty, naughty, boyfriend.  
Guess away…
I’m passing this along to…
Another award…
Michael over at Mental Masturbation (Is that not the coolest frickin name for a blog?) gifted me with the Creative Writer Award, well one that doesn’t turn me into a pathological liar. If you haven’t been over to his blog, go check it out. He has something new daily. I am awarding the following Creative Writers.
Last, but not least. My newest attempt at a query letter is up on Public Query Slushpile. Stop by and let me know what you think. I am trying out a less is more philosophy. Wondering if it works, or if it just makes it more confusing. 
That’s all I have for today. Stop back by on Monday for the contest.
Which one do you think is the truth? Which one do you think is the biggest lie? How the heck was your week? And what do you think of my new philosophy of write=sleep?


  1. I guess #2 is true - the type of thing you need to get off your chest even when thinking of five plausible and interesting lies.

    I don't believe any of us writers can spell until we're thirty, I don't believe any second grader has just that wrong combination of persistance, smarts, and insanity, I don't believe in lavender toilets, I don't believe any third graders don't hate the violin if they play it, and I don't believe any boyfriends would use a potential competitor as a spy.

  2. Congrats on your awards!! I also think #2 is correct...but I don't think I've ever guessed the truth on any blog this award has shown up. Looking forward to seeing if today's the day!

    Have a fab weekend :))

  3. Well this is scary, I'm also guessing #2 as the truth.

    Thanks for the award! I will have to start thinking up some convincing lies. hmmm

    I have the same thing, staying up to write is fine, but staying up to play a game or even going out with friends and I'm just short on sleep and ultra grumpy.

    My week? Ultra busy with work and volunteer obligations and not near enough time for writing. :(

  4. Thanks for the creative writing award. I needed a tiny ego booster today :)

    ha! I guessed that number 4 was true because I almost rented an apartment with a lime green bathroom. Yes, everything inside was lime green.

    I saw your query over at the public query slushpile blog. I offered some suggestions, I hope they help.

  5. Congrats on your awards!

    I'm going with #5 because so many students quit these days because it's not cool.

  6. Hi again! I left you an award on my blog this morning :))

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Followed you from Nicole's page.

    I'm posted at Query Shark. It's nerve-wracking to have other people see my lame query, but on the other hand it is so helpful to have feedback. Good luck with yours. :-)

  8. I'm going with #5.

    hehehe, Mental Masturbation. I'm going to have to check that blog out.

    Great lies! and Congratulations on your awards!!

  9. I like that phrase "interviewing characters". Whenever I encounter people with seriously awesome names I ask to use that name for a character in my novel. I haven't gotten any "no way" yet. But in a way, that interviewing characters, because the name itself shapes the character I want to create.

    Congratulations on the awards. Your disclosures are so vivid I can't possibly guess which is true (or almost true). I thought them very creative and well thought out.


  10. Want an award?

    I got one for you at my blog.


  11. Thanks for the award, Alicia.

    Your stories are all so deliciously detailed. Hmm...I think it's probably #2 about the car accident, but I'm also leaning toward #4 about the purple bathroom. The first place I lived alone had a grey bathroom. Very 1960s!