About Me

A.J. Frey
I love picking my characters up by their shirt collars, their legs dangling, and dropping them in the middle of a terrible situation. Then writing the story while keeping an eye out for the humor in it.

What I write
I haven't boxed myself in just yet. Iron Thirst is an urban fantasy, but I wouldn't say that was my sole genre. I'm an idea person. I like the "what if" in a  story, and if there is enough room in that question, 
say 80,000 words or so, I'm willing to explore it.

Best Advice for Other Writers
Tell that inner voice of doubt to shut-up, especially during draft one. After you've finished the first draft, then bring out the editor. If you get stuck in a particular spot, skip it and keep going. Knowing where you're going will help you get there. 

My Photography
We all see the world in our own unique way. I enjoy putting my vision in a frame. I prefer to capture elements of design that are unique. My photographs are normally rich in color and high in contrast. 
My photography is divided into two categories: true to life or twisted into art. Photoshop did not exist in its current form during my first love affair with photography, so I use it now with extreme experimentation. I am only in my infancy as a photographer, and I hope to put some classroom experience with my raw talent.