Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Perfect Workspace

I am reading a book about how to write your first novel, umm, after I wrote my first novel. Logic, well, I was seeing if there is something I could use to make it better. It can always be a better first novel. So, far it’s a lot of pretty words describing the craft. Inspirational – yes, making me rewrite the storyline – no.

One of the things I read was about setting up the workspace you will use when you write. A nice quiet area, free from distractions, with all the necessary tools. When it is time to write, put a sign on the door “Author at work.”

I thought of this today while I was bunkered down in my parked car in the seven story parking garage at my office space. A notebook propped lovingly on the steering wheel, with a pen in my hand that died three times. The tranquil sounds of cars tearing ass as they leave for lunch. The delicate perfume of car exhaust. The luxurious backdrop of concrete and steel.

Ahh, my muse!

I’m kind of thinking, if you want to write, just pick up a pen and write.

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