Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let's start with a question. Are you who you are all the time, no matter what, no matter who you’re with, or do you shift your personality a little when around different groups? Personality types are such an interesting concept to me. They exist from one side of a slider scale to another, and some slide around all over the place.

I think I’m one of those weird ones. I am more of a chameleon, blending into my surroundings and molding to the people I am with. It’s not being phony; I just tend to mesh well with different groups. I work at a brokerage firm filled with high net-worth individuals. They expect a certain level of service and a certain personality type. I fit in just fine while I am there, but as soon as I clock out, that woman doesn’t exist any longer. My hair comes down and my silliness comes out. Then there is the mom in me. Not exactly the same woman you will see at the rock concert. And the author doesn’t show up at the office either. I have a strong side of my personality, but I really limit who gets to see it.

I can’t help but wonder if this is what makes it so easy to slip on someone else’s skin when creating a character, being able to mold, adapt, and change. To ask those questions, what would John Doe say or feel; how would he react? I am curious if all writers have a similar personality type. Just an interesting concept. I have noticed of the writers and authors I hang out with that there are many character traits that are common among them: the loner, the verbal rambling, easily distracted, people watching. Is shifter one of them?

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