Monday, February 22, 2010

Whoops! Blogfest

I’ve never really participated in Blogfests, mostly because I don’t get the memo until way late at night and have trouble racking my brain around a excerpt that might fit but doesn’t require too much set up or will give too much of the storyline away. I’m still praying that one day you will all read it.

I was directed to the site by Donna Hole and Tina Lynn, and enjoyed their posts so much that I had to jump on board. So, the rules from what I understand is to post an excerpt from your WIP that shows a clumsy, awkward or embarrassing moment. Visit Laurel’s Leaves for more details if you decide to play along.

Alright, the set up. This is a fun scene from Iron Thirst. Felicity and her friends are at DragonCon, which is a fantasy and science fiction convention in Atlanta that takes place in four different hotels over Labor Day weekend. Christian is her best friend, and Mike is a friend of his from his college days. They are walking out of one hotel, and heading to another further down the street. It’s a itsy teensy excerpt, but one I enjoyed greatly.


          We continue to move through the crowds. Above us are two large gargoyles. The massive creatures of stone tower over us. Leaning up against one of the critters is a blue and red superhero with his cape flapping in the wind. We step over a pile of camera-flashers as we continue on our path. Seriously, you would think he was actually faster than a speeding bullet judging by the girls gushing over him. Just a man in tights, but not to this crowd.
           It is a nice little downhill trek to the next hotel. My body keeps trying to run instead of flopping along at this awkward angle. I’ve bumped into Mike four times. I look down and notice that one of his boots is untied. My inner child giggles and takes control. I step and try to catch the flailing lace under my boot, but his foot pulls it out of my reach. I’m given another chance. I try again, but fail.

           It has now become a mission. It must be done. I move in a little closer to him. The little scraggly lace lies still for a brief moment, and I stomp on it. This wonderful plan of mine backfires, because he is forced to stop and I crash into his back, causing Christian to collide with me. Christian steadies himself by grabbing my waist with one hand, and Mike’s shoulder with the other.

          “If we are making a sandwich, I’m facing the wrong way,” Mike announces.

          “Fee, what the hell?” Christian asks.

          “Mike, tie your damn shoe!”

           Right, his fault. Yeah, completely wrong effect.


  1. LOL. I see this happening. Women; we so need to take care of things.

    Now, I've read the first chapter of Iron Thirst, so I guess I have an insight into the character Felicity. This seems so in character with what I've read.

    Very nice, Aj. I'm intrigued all over again. I can't wait to read the entire novel.


  2. heh. I can totally see this happening. And yes, totally his fault. ;)

  3. Ah, hanging with the guys. I could totally relate to this--my guy friends always brought out the mischievous kid sister in me. :-)

    Thanks for participating in the fest and making it fabulous!

  4. Yup his fault! I also have ducked out of the blogfests until this one, but for opposite reasons. I usually can't pick just one. Yesterday I decided to pick two and people could look at both or one.

    Love this piece - its perfect!

  5. Thanks ladies! Laurel, thanks for letting me play along. I really enjoyed reading some of the other posts.