Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Truth Revealed

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Hello there, my trusted friends. Kind of funny I would pick that phrase considering the entire point of this post is to show you exactly how I lied to you. This is different from the last post where I revealed the TRUTH
On Friday, I posted six things – one of which was the total truth. And I fooled you all. But I guess I did cheat just a little. There was a itty bity bit of truth in each one – but only one that didn’t contain a single embellishment or change in story.
So, let’s see…1) When I was in the third grade, I won the school spelling bee. I went to regionals, but was out smarted by a kid that had a giant bald spot on the back of his head. Looking back, I’m guessing his mom got a little careless with the clippers. –FALSE  I did fair well in a spelling bee in the first grade. I still have a fancy yellow certificate with a bee on it around here somewhere. But I only won in my class, and that’s as far as it got. Don’t know a kid with a random bald spot, but I could see how it could happen.

2) The day after I bought my last car, a pregnant woman crashed into me in a mall parking lot. Her friend got out of the car and started yelling at me like it was my fault. Meanwhile, the pregnant lady started crying. I felt so bad that I started apologizing. Did I mention that she hit me? –FALSE This is my favorite kind of lie and something I use a lot in storytelling. I’ve combined two stories for dramatic effect. The second car I ever owned was quite literally ran over on my second day of owning it. The tiny CRX was parked behind my friend’s mile high truck, and he backed over it – onto the hood. I did have a fender bender in a parking with a pregnant lady. I know she was preggos, because her friend told me about 15 times. To this day, I don’t know who hit who. I did apologize a lot, but that’s my thing. I say “sorry” and “thank you” constantly. Dunno why.

3) In the second grade, I started a petition to have one of the teacher’s aides fired. I thought that she was very mean- and with no reason. So I pranced about the playground and had kids sign up. I walked it right into the principal’s office, who called my dad. –TRUE    Truth is stranger than fiction. Her name was Ms. Culbreath. I thought she was sooooooo mean. I did actually start a petition. I did take it to the principal. They did call my dad. He told this story often, and told it with pride. I think he encouraged the wrong behaviors – cuz see what happened *points to self*. He knew I was different – and wanted me to always be me. Something I forgot to be on occasion. I believe he’d be quite proud that I started writing, that I have this blog, and that there are people that get a little giggle and hopefully an occasional nugget of wisdom when they stop by. That’s why I picked this story as my truth. Love ya, Dad!

4) The first place that I rented by myself was outside of San Antonio. It was a two bedroom trailer, with a lavender bathtub, sink and toilet in the bathroom. I was so excited that the first thing I bought was a matching shower curtain. Then my friends and I drank heavily, and I got to be the first one to yack in the purple toilet. –FALSE  The trailer was in a small town outside of Shreveport, LA and it did have said purple toilet. I made jokes about who would be the first person to yack in the lavender toilet, but no one ever did. We did get drunk my first night there, and we spilled enough beer on the carpet of that raggedy trailer to fill a keg – but no yackers.

5) I’ve always been a music lover. I started playing the violin in the third grade and played until the sixth grade. I only quit, because the cute boy thought it was lame. The cute boy that I am sure is now lame. –FALSE I played the violin in the third grade for about half a year, and then quit. I have no idea why I quit. It would be the first of many things I started and then flitted off to find new hobbies. That novel that I talk about – that would be one of the first things (hobby wise) I saw through to completion. The soul’s always searching. *grins*

6) I went to my senior prom with my (at the time) boyfriend’s best friend. Poor guy got grounded, and was trying to be nice by offering up his buddy’s services. He, basically, just drove me there, and I hung with my friend’s all night. I found out later that the boyfriend sent him as a spy. Naughty, naughty, boyfriend.  –FALSE  I went to a homecoming dance with my boyfriend’s best friend my junior year. The boyfriend (who was much older and way cooler) was out of town that weekend, and to not be a total jerk found a friend so I wouldn’t be going stag. It was very odd to be thankful and pissed at the same time. But he wasn’t acting as a spy. He hung out with his friends – I hung out with mine. Boyfriend couldn’t care less. Ahh, the bad boy phase. It all helps with the writing, huh?

So, loves, sorry for telling you lies, sweet little lies, but now you know a little more about me. Probably more than you wanted.
Watcha Say Wednesday will return next week. But tell me what you think of my lies.
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  1. I'll be darned. The being hit by a pregnant woman story sounded so passionate to me.

  2. Awww...boo to missing out on guessing! But whatevs...I love your fabrications. I'm sure I would have been fooled.

  3. I liked your true one. Thanks for stopping by my place and following. I appreciate it!

  4. Wow, I would have never guessed; those were all pretty convincing. Great job!

  5. Interesting...Pretty convincing. Great post and well written. God bless, Lloyd