Monday, February 28, 2011

New Directions

(This post has nothing to do with Glee)

Let me start by saying--I'm not dead. My writing might have disintegrated to near nothingness, but I'm still kicking. Those who know me or see the statuses on Facebook have seen the stresses of kids, work, school, marriage, and the complete lack of writing.

I've picked up my trusty notebook and jotted down the occasional notes along the way, but the idea of completing a second book at this point in time seems about as likely as quitting my job and joining the Peace Corp. But I do miss it, and more importantly, I miss you guys. I've partially kept up with many of you, but it's just not the same.

This blog was originally designed to be a place to write about writing from a newbie's perspective. Well, if I'm not doing much writing, then I am certainly not doing much writing about writing. So, since I don't have time for both, this domain is paid for and is collecting dust, and I miss writing and my fellow writers; I've decided to convert this blog to a place where I can let the creative spirit's flag fly.

I plan to make it a place where I can record life's strange moments, publish short stories,
let chapters of books see daylight, and most importantly, relate and interact. So, be it a story on the hilarious perils of motherhood, venting about being the wife of a grad student, asking the tough questions like "what is that brownish green substance in the back of the fridge", or a simple, "hey I love this song-do you?", I want this to be a place of my own and as freaking random as I am. The only thing off limits is my work, and that's their rules not mine.

So, welcome to the new Eyes 2 Page: Randomly Delicious Anecdotes. I had to get the Hubs and offspring to sign waivers giving me permission to post stories and commentary that may not always portray them in the best light. But I've promised to be fair and embarrass myself along the way. Trust me, I'm quite good at that.

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to this until the wind blows my flitty nature in another new direction.


  1. Welcome back.

    I'm assuming you've been gone since about August (your blogs aren't dated!!). I look forward to some fun stuff. And who knows, maybe coming back here will get your writing juices flowing.

  2. isn't it freeing to let go of what a blog "should be" and just let it be whatever?

  3. @Stacy - Yep, disappeared in August. No warning. Was writing and then it all dried up. (AkA Started back to school). So far, this switch has been very good for my creative spirit.

    @Michelle - It sure is. I locked myself in early, as I was told that's what you're "supposed" to do. When else have I listened? lol I plan to change everything about the blog this weekend. So excited!