Sunday, March 6, 2011


Welcome to Murphy's Playground. Murphy's Law states that what can go wrong--will go wrong. This blog will laugh at those moments and all the other ironies that life has to offer.

I first met Mr. Murphy when I was a year old. My mom thought it just fine to let me stand in the front seat of the car, no seatbelt, while she drove. My mother, the woman who yelled at driver's such lovely phrases as, "Didn't you see me blowing?" as she honked her horn at the person stealing her parking spot. The same woman who was driving a motorcycle (not sure whose brilliant idea that was), and became hypnotized by the spinning crome rims of an eighteen-wheeler, and then drove into a ditch. No injuries, so it's still funny.

So, the fact that she crashed into a fire hydrant, while I was playing trampoline in the front seat, was not Murphy's Law. That was inevitable. The events that proceeded would be the precedence for my entire existence.

The ambulance arrived and began treatment on my mom. She had a cut on her forehead and was completely frazzled. One of the paramedics picked me up. I screamed. He tried his best to soothe me. I screamed.

We all piled into the ambulance. Mother was recounting the moment when the fire hydrant leapt in front of the car. I screamed. The paramedic began to bounce me on his knee. A game of horsey surely will calm the distraught child. And I, yep, you guessed it, screamed.

Nearly two hours later after Mother had been issued a band-aid and a glass of water, my father pointed out to the physicians that my screams were those of pain. An X-ray showed the fractures quite clearly. Maybe jiggling a child with a broken leg was not the best idea. I was issued a big fat walking cast to hobble along in.

The irony of the situation--I had just learned to walk the week before.

Hope you guys enjoy the new blog. Let's start it off right. Share this via twitter and Facebook (buttons below), and then share a Murphy's Law moment in the comments. Please try to keep them humorous. This is a tissue free zone.


  1. Love the look of this blog! Your story may not be weepy, but it's kind of ouchy. You were a tough little kid. I love the idea of a tissue-free zone.

  2. I love your bright and funny blog. Did organising the blog put pay to your boredom?
    You story made me wince. Very painful! I ran into a lamp post when I was ten - what was my excuse for that? I wasn't a tiny toddler. :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I didn't find boredom until after the blog was finished. :-)

    I don't remember the accident nor the pain. Might be why I can laugh at it. My family, mostly my sister, has retold the story so many times that I sort of feel like I was there. Well, I was, but like it was my memory and not there's. :-)

  4. That sucked! Hopefully the medic learned not to bounce around kids who've just been in an accident.

  5. You would think he would've already learned. From what I understand, my dad gave all the med staff a good stern talking to. (We're from Arkansas. I think that's that same as a A33chewing in Texas or a Fussin' in Georgia.)