Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Kindle Killed My Reading

I am convinced that buying an eReader made me stop reading books. Follow my logic, oh, because I've got buckets full.

I used to tear through books. Archaic books with binding and such, owned them, swore by them, loved them. Under my bed was a long see-through blue box filled with my "to-be read" pile. I would slide it out, pick up a book, turn to the first page, start reading, and if it didn't grab me - I'd toss it back into the pile and pick up another. Rinse and repeat until I found the one that would hold my attention. That book would be finished within 3-7 days.

Then there was everybody else that kept giving the plugs for the Kindle, Nook, iPad Books, etc. I understood the logical need for an electronic way to read and store books. I understood that they were probably cheaper. I loved the idea of downloading the sample to make sure it grabbed me like a good book should. I liked that I could have a new book in an instant with simple clicking and confirming the purchase. I was sold. I needed a Kindle.  As a lover of books, how could I survive without a Kindle?

And that was the beginning of the end. I downloaded sample chapters. I built up a handsome library. That was over a year ago. And I have yet to finish a book on this device.

I'm not knocking the Kindle. One day, maybe a gazillion people will read something written by me on one of these all powerful, technological creations. Ok, probably not - but hey, let the idea float around in the universe. They are just simply not for me.

I miss beautiful books. The cover art, the smell, the weight shifting from one hand to the next as I am pulled deeper into the novel. The anxiety that builds as the heroine is digging herself deeper into disaster, and there is only a tiny bit of space until the end, and I pray she figures it out, but it doesn't look likely. (exhale)  

(My family unpacking a box of books after being in the new house for about 6 mths).
I,mean, seriously, when would this happen with a Kindle?

I'm sure of it. It was the Kindle that killed my reading. Not the hours of schoolwork, not the busy schedule, not the packing and moving across states, oh no. That would be just making up excuses. It is much more logical to blame it on the Kindle. :-)

So, are you an eReader or archaic book reader? What's the last book you read?  Have you been going through an olympic reading sprint or a dry patch?


  1. I'm sorry! I'm just the opposite. Once I got my first iPad almost three years ago, I found I read a lot more on the device than I ever did physical books.

  2. I'm an analog reader. Yeah, I got a Nook for Christmas, but I doubt I do the bulk of my reading on that thing. But there are books I want to read that I can only get as an e-book. Hopefully, I'll get to read them someday. I prefer SEEING the pile of books I have yet to read for some strange reason!

  3. Alex, I get it. I thought it would be a no-brainer and I would become a more efficient reader. It just doesn't beg me to pick up the kindle the way a dog-eared page does.

    Stacy, I still have my Kindle and will still use it, because I've bought a lot of great books and running out to replace them with paper is a bit too much, even for me. I just have learned that going forward - new books - if available, I will buy paper. :-)

    Thanks for the comments guys! It always feels good to know I'm not talking to myself. haha!