Friday, January 11, 2013

Freestyle Friday: A Writer's Meditation

A Writer's Meditation
 by. AJ Frey

I sit, legs crossed, mind open, staring at a blank page.
Awaiting the whispers of the unknown to turn to rage
I listen, ear turned to the words that they speak
I am the gateway, and their blood the ink

Let their stories exist, full of twists and turns
A mystery to the onlooker, who reads the words
Let these players be as real as you and I
Examples of free will, genetics and true life

Their decisions should be troubled, the reader engaged
So connected, entwined, and holding tight to the page
The lights remain on, long into the dark
As eyes chase down my words, absorbing the arc

The words should be strong in a magnificent way
That makes the reader laugh, think, and enjoy the play
Laughter is magic and music such fun
But the reader should also feel the wind when the character runs

This is my wish, my strongest desire
To have words, characters, and worlds to admire
The pencil, pen, or keys clacking about
And that these stories should never run out


  1. *clapping* Bravo!

    Being Spanish speaker, I often miss the beauty in English poetry but I certainly found it in this piece. I'll read it again just for the pleasure.

  2. Wow, I love this! I especially loved this line: "I am the gateway, and their blood the ink."
    Great poem!