Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Watcha Say Wednesdays: Location, Location, Location

Time and place is a huge part of a novel. There are books that are set in real places with great detail that closely matches the spot a the map. While others are created from scratch with elaborate made-up worlds and unique ecosystems. Then yet there are those examples where the story is set in Anytown, USA--where the setting is barely relevant to the story.

When you write, do you create worlds or do you pick a real place and try to stay true to it? How much time and energy do you spend in researching your setting?  Do you try to keep as close to a real map as possible or do you enjoy inventing new spaces?

When you are reading, what do you prefer --- realism or fantasy? Do you want to visit imaginary places that are created by the author or do you prefer to journey to places that already exist?  Have you read a book and decided you now need to visit this place to see if the real thing holds up to the picture the author drew? 

Whatcha Say Wednesdays are for you. It's a chance to voice your opinion, share your knowledge, and interact with one another. Answer what speaks to you, and ignore the rest. But do tell—I’m quite curious.


  1. I don't mind if the place is invented or real as long as the description gets me there. I am starting to work out on such descriptions myself, those that involve all senses. It is taking me a lot but I don't quit. :)

  2. I usually write stories set in the real world, but if they're in a fantasy world, then it's a world very similar to ours. I personally find it easier to relate to a character if I can relate to his/her world more easily. There are exceptions, though, such as Middle-Earth from the LOTR series. Great post!!