Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WSW: Getting to Know Your Characters


I'm starting a new story. The characters and I are still in that honeymoon phase, where we still love each other, enjoy spending time together, and are really just getting to know one another. I sat down on Saturday and interviewed the love interest. He has been very reserved. Most of my male characters are not as open about their feelings. We started simple, such as what type of music do you like? After learning his style, it opened the door to the why, the bigger backstories that make him who he is and will help me write from his point of view.

The female was much easier. It was her personality that even brought me to the story. Sure, there are details that I need to flesh out, but I can clearly see her motives, logic, and patterns of speech.

So for today's Whatcha Say Wednesday, I'd love to know how you get to know your characters. Do you wait for them to speak to you or do you break out interrogation tactics? Is it a quick flash, possibly that even made you want to write the story?

Do you have a set method of quizzing your characters or is each one unique in how you meet?  Do you wait for inspiration, or do you put them in their costumes and settings, guiding them through the path?

Better yet, is this something that comes natural for you, or is this an area where you struggle?

Whatcha Say Wednesdays are for you. It's a chance to voice your opinion, share your knowledge, and interact with one another. Answer what speaks to you, and ignore the rest. But do tell—I’m quite curious. 


  1. I like getting to know my characters. Most of the time it comes naturally, and is an enjoyable process.

  2. Poetry is so different, in that my characters are either real people, or I only get a brief glimpse of my characters.