Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Keep It Going Contest

When I was younger, we would play a game. Someone would start a story, and then someone else would add to it, building the story as each person tacked on their own personality. The goal was to keep the story going. The twists and turns that each person would add were as unique as the people telling the story.
Well, guys and gals, I want to introduce to you the “Keep It Going Contest.” Below you will find the beginning of a story. The game is to add your own creative spin to it. Unlike writing prompts, I want you to do it right here in the comment section.
HOW TO PLAY: Here’s how it works. The first commenter will add to my contribution, the next will add to hers, and so forth, building onto it like a puzzle. So that when the contest is over I could take all the comments and show what we created. You just need to read my passage and the last comment made, and then add your own contribution to the story. I recommend typing out your part in a separate doc so that five people don’t jump in front of you before you hit submit.
PRIZES: Oh yes, there are prizes. Winners will be randomly selected, and there will be three of them, yes three. Each winner will win one of the following, which they will select:  Critique of your first 10 pages or $10 Amazon gift certificate.
RULES: First and foremost you must become a follower. That’s step one. The are multiple ways to earn entries into the contest. The points are as follows:
1) Be a follower. +2 if you were already a follower, +1 for all new followers

2)Submitting your contribution to the story in the comments. Please limit your entries to 250 words, however, multiple entries are allowed. +5
            2) Posting a link to the contest on your blog. +3
3) Tell me how you heard about the contest (I will also be giving a special prize to the person whose name comes up the most.) +1
DEADLINE: The contest will run from now until Saturday, March 6 at 11:00 pm EST. I will announce the winners the following Monday.

Questions and comments are welcome. 
Have fun with it. Be creative. Take this story wherever you want it to go. Seriously, just because I don’t mention vampires, werewolves, or three-legged wooly boogers doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.
Here we go…
Janet paced back and forth, wearing out the pile on the speckled berber rug. Tommy should have arrived over two hours ago. He was supposed to be in, out, and back in her arms. The bags were packed, the car was gassed, and the GPS was programmed.
“What’s taking so long?” she said aloud, releasing the blinds. The new crease in the thin plastic strip showed her impatience.
She turned on the television, finding the local news. Forcing herself to sit down, she stared, praying that the newscaster would not tell her something that her cell phone had not.
Her skin nearly touched the ceiling when the doorbell rang.
She leaped from the couch. Not bothering with the peephole, she swung open the door.
“What are you doing here?” Janet asked.


  1. [[I think this is a great idea! I was so excited, I had to do it immediately. I went over by 10 words though. I hope that's okay.]]

    Standing poised at the entrance was the tenacious and diplomatic Sonya Reed. Beautiful and wealthy with clothes to match. Smart as a whip, and just as flexible; in bedside manners as well as politics.

    "I haven't come at a bad time have I?" Sonya asked. Her devious, plastic smile suggested she knew the answer to her own question. Sonya’s commanding demeanor was so powerful she needn’t even ask to be let in; she simply wafted through the doorway like a casual breeze, took off her gloves and tossed them onto Janet’s shoulder.

    Sonya sauntered into the room, casually surveying the bags lying around the sofa. “Where are you headed?” She asked.

    Janet slowly closed the door, her eyes fixed on Sonya.

    “Vacation?” Sonya asked, still strutting around the sofa, pretending to not notice Janet walking toward the bags. “You know, with all the money Tommy’s going to get from that deal with Martin you two could travel anywhere you like, couldn’t you?”

    Janet laid Sonya’s gloves on the arm of the sofa. She was so nervous she almost laughed. “Yeah—I—I guess we could.” There was a pistol stowed away in the open bag closest to Sonya. Janet feared she had already seen it, but wasn’t certain enough to give up trying to conceal the weapon. She carelessly grabbed a few random items off the coffee table (coasters, magazines, a remote) and moved toward the bag, trying to look as though she intended to pack the items away.

    Sonya turned, nonchalant, meeting Janet’s eyes with her own. “You should.”

  2. The tension in the room is unbearable. Janet maintains her gaze, as she reaches into the bag slowly.

    Sonya's eyes avert down to the bag, attracted by the shine of the barrel of a Glock 17 being pulled out.

    "What are you doing?"

    Janet's grip is unsteady, but she raises the gun and points it at Sonya.

    "I don't have the patience for your bullshit right now, Sonya. This deal is going to change our lives."

    Sonya smiles, "What, are you going to shoot me?"

    The door opens behind Sonya, and Janet reacts impulsively, answering her question. Sonya's body drops, as Tommy stops in his tracks.

    "What did you do?"

  3. "Nothing. I... Ugh..." She looked down at the gun. Had she actually pulled the trigger? She certainly hadn't meant to. Oh, boy. Now what was she going to do?

    Sonya stirred, slowly opening her eyes.

    "Oh, thank God. You passed out," Janet said, offering her hand to help Sonya to her feet.

    Sonya slapped her hand away and glanced over at Tommy. "You get it?"

    He nodded.

    "Perfect. Now, let's get the hell out of here."

    Janet's heart sunk. "What's going on?"

    Sonya laughed. "She has no clue? You've been a bad boy, Tommy. I thought you were going to tell her."

    He shrugged. "Never got the chance."

    Janet fisted her hands on her hips. "Tell me what?"

    Lynnette Labelle
    P.S. This was fun. What a great idea! I saw your post on Roni's blog and had to come over.

  4. Tommy faltered, his eyes flickering toward the gun just long enough to declare his guilt.
    Janet’s gaze narrowed and she shook her head. The puzzle pieces began to click together in her mind so obviously that she cursed herself for not having seen it before. Of course. It had been Tommy and Sonya all along. Why would she ever have thought that he would choose her over someone so dangerous, so seductive? Someone who oozed confidence and sexuality. Someone who… was still alive.

    “Damnit.” Janet raised the gun toward Sonya. The relief that she had not shot her quickly soured into regret.

    “Jan, it’s -“ Tommy began. Janet kept the gun trained on the smirking woman and thought she read sadness in Tommy’s eyes.

    “It’s Elise, sweetheart,” Sonya cut in. Janet felt the foundation within her begin to crack. Tommy’s warning glance at the woman was not lost on her.

    “Sonya, don’t-“

    “Why not?” the woman mused. Janet knew that Sonya was ruthless, but to be that careless in the line of fire? Then she saw it. The slight bulge under her armpits. The faintest squaring of her fitted shirt. She was wearing a bulletproof vest. Janet knew immediately that she was out of her league.

    “She’s alive, kitten.” The words rolled out of Sonya’s scarlet tinged lips lazily and Janet hated her. Detested her. But now, she needed her. Because now this woman stood between her and her only child, a child that had been dead to her for the past two years.

    (Fun! And totally not my writing style... interesting to step out of my usual genre!)

    Lindsey :)
    Added your contest to my sidebar:

  5. Her grip faltered. "You're lying."

    Sonya's eyes danced in challenge. "Am I? How would you know?"

    Janet stared at her. She felt her resolve diminishing. She looked at Tommy, hoping somehow she could see what was in his mind.

    "Just put the gun away, Janet. We can talk about it," Tommy assured her.

    She shook her head, blinded by the tears already gathering in her eyes.

    (I heard bout this from you-wonderful contest! I enjoy doing these stories.)

  6. Thanks for letting me know about this Aj. Here's my contribution:

    What did it matter now? She raised the gun again and pointed it at her baby’s Daddy. Tommy had no intention of turning over the money. Worse, he had no love for the child she’d willing sacrificed to his scheme. Her beautiful daughter Elise, used so carelessly in a game of cat and mouse with her father, Argus Frump. Her evil step mom in on the swindle all along.

    Janet’s hand shook with her sobs. “But where is Elise? How do I get her back?”

    Tommy frowned. “Back? We signed the adoption papers a week ago. It’s a done deal. Your Dad gets Elise, we get the money -”

    “We; as in Tommy and I,” Sonya purred. “Stroke of genius that was, my love, offering his grandchild in place of the daughter he disinherited. Once he changed his will for his brother to be her payee, there was no sense my killing him.”

    “But you signed the pre-nupt knowing you’d never get a dime, Sonya.”

    “You can’t really believe I was in love with your balding, pouchy gutted father.” She licked her botox filled lips and puffed out her silicon filled chest. “It’s been Tommy and me all along. Who knew old Argus would really cut his only daughter from his will.

    “Tacky, babe,” Tommy warned. “Don’t give away all our secrets.”

    Sonya's face hardened. “Now put that gun down, you silly twit. Or, we’ll release the video of you shooting me onto U-tube.”

  7. "Bitch, please."

    Those words are muffled by the sound of a gunshot. Tommy's face loses its expression, and his shirt turns red in the center. His body drops to the floor, due to a fatal, center-mass shot.

    "Tommy!" Sonya screams, and drops to her knees, in what appears to be agony. "Don't you die on me! Not without telling me where the money is!" She hits him, out of anger, and realizes that it is not just her and Janet in the room. She looks to her left, to meet the business end of a second Glock 17.

    "You ok, baby girl?"

    "I'm fine, dad."

    "Good, your daughter is downstairs, with my money, and Tessa. Why don't you go to the car, while I take care of this."

    "Thanks, dad."

    "Sonya, dear, I just don't think this is going to work out between us."

  8. **My creativity is tapped out this morning, so I'm not adding (so don't count me for contest), but I am enjoying reading everyone's contributions. Great idea!**

  9. [Not contributing either, but I found your blog through Donna Hole and love the idea for this contest! Brilliant!]

  10. Not contributing this time around, but it's a neat idea! I might rip it off someday. LOL

  11. Oh, sorry. I found you from V.R. Barkowski's page.

  12. for some reason, I feel like there is a notion of the story being in a rather final position, but there's still lots to play with. Who's Tessa? Does Argus know about Sonya's vest? ... Don't leave me hanging, I had high hopes.

  13. I'm going to resist the temptation to add 'The End', even though it feels to me like the last stunning twist has been added.

    I saw your contest on your blog, after clicking through your name from the Public Query Slushpile blog.