Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WSW: Titles

I am in the midst of trying to pick a better working title for my newest WIP.  Local Lore was a quick place holder, but the deeper into the project I go -- I see that it doesn't quite fit the story. I hate not having a title for something that I am working on, but knowing it doesn't work, well, I'm not a fan of that either.

I named Iron Thirst right away, however, it was originally Iron Obsession. It's sequel, Craving Copper, had it's name before I had even written the first 1,000 words. For me, I just want to lend credit to the project, and what better way to do that than to give it a name.

So, for this week's Whatcha Say Wednesday, tell me about your title selections. Do you name something right away, or do you wait until the perfect title comes along? Do you change titles frequently, or do you pick one and stick with it? 

How do you select your title? Is it based on a line within the book, or based on popular trends? Do you like short one word titles, or something with more depth? Is there a secret code in the name, or is it something that describes the book?

Whatcha Say Wednesdays are for you. It's a chance to voice your opinion, share your knowledge, and interact with one another. Answer what speaks to you, and ignore the rest. But do tell—I’m quite curious.

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