Monday, February 1, 2010

Spam: The Other Grey Meat

I’ve been noticing a few spamilicious comments left on some of my older posts. They are coming across under anonymous users.
Three options: I block anonymous users. I hate to do that, because I would rather hear someone’s comment with their mask on than to not hear it all. Another option is to turn on the comment moderation.  Again, something I am not excited about. I would prefer to let people say what they want, when they want. Third, ignore them until they cause me to have a cussing fit.
Have you guys had a problem with this? Suggestions?


  1. Alicia, Hi, I am Zellakate from CC! I followed the link over because I have battled a few spammers. I have never had anonymous spammers, but I have had a few spam comments. :( I am like you, in that I didn't want to block anyone or moderate comments. In some cases, I left them up, because they actually were related to my post. In one case, the spammer posted a several page lecture (I mean this literally) about the evils of the Iditarod on my blog. (I cover books, so I felt like I was being used.) I deleted her comment, specifically. Someone better versed on Blogger may have a simpler way of doing this, but once you post a comment on your blog article, you'll see a trashcan next to all comments. Click on the trashcan on the spammer's post and Voila! Deleted.

    Hope that helps. :)

  2. I have the password option up and any spam comments get deleted. I don't have very many spambots visit, but when they do, I crush them.


    *readjusts halo*

    I'm nice, really.

    And I love your background. :o)