Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Watcha Say Wednesdays: Dare to Dream

I hit 50 followers today!! Woohoo!!! Thanks everyone!! (Ok, over the quota on exclamation marks. I'll simmer down.) ! - sorry that one slipped in there on its own.

On with it...
Whatcha Say Wednesdays are about you. Your thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. Dig in as deep as you wish, or vere off in a new direction.

This week…Daydreaming

Do you allow yourself to daydream about becoming published? Or do you forbid yourself?

If you do, what is it that you think about? Seeing your book on the shelf? The book becoming a movie? The design of your cover? The Nobel Peace Prize? Helping other authors? Oprah? What have you romanticized?

Anonymous comments are on for the chickens. Haha - That was just a joke. I understand the need for anonymity and also for ane-ne-ne-mome. Nemo, hello?

Share with your compadres.


  1. Congrats on the 50 followers!

    And I do allow myself to daydream on occasion. I think what I get most excited about is thinking of someone reading my book somewhere and enjoying it. I also think about walking into bookstores and seeing my book on a shelf.

  2. I dream big. I want to ditch the day job!

  3. "Ditch the day job" is my favorite dream. Every time I think I've got the casting couch filled, some new actor/actress shows up and I think "oh, perfect for . ."

    Mostly though, I just dream of seeing my novel on a shelf at B & N.

    Congrats on 50. Couldn't have happened to a nicer blog.


  4. Congrats on the 50! Impressive!

    Daydreaming huh? Well, I suppose when I'm not dreaming up what my charcters will be doing next, I'm dreaming about them sitting on a shelf all typed up and hidden behind a cool cover that I have yet to envision. :)

  5. nice post. thanks.

  6. Thanks everybody!

    Roni- I'm with you. I look forward to other people loving my characters the way I do.

    Tina - That is the ultimate dream!

    Donna-I love actor hunting. I have found most of mine, except the two main characters. :-)

    Jean-Covers are so awesome. I still judge my books by them. lol

    Anon- thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

    As for me, I'm a huge music lover so I skip straight to the sound track. I love hearing a song, and thinking that it would be ideal for a certain scene or whatever.

    Did you see Nathan's post today? I'd like to daydream a little, and think he stopped by here first before posting. HAHA!

  7. Congratulations on the followers!!

    I do allow myself to daydream most anything, I don't like to be surprised. I hate surprises...unless, it's a wonderful movie or book then it's okay. :)