Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Lemonade

Once again life is preventing me from writing. Work and school are both tugging at me, leaving little time to hang out with imaginary people or even real people. But this time, I have decided to pick up an old favorite hobby that fuels my creative spirit. It is great, because it has me outdoors and spending time with my family. Photography! I have at three different times in my life chased this dream with the same passion that I have my writing. All three times chickening out at the last minute, and holding on tight to my day job. Well, this time it is a little different. The internet lets me share my photos in a way that I previously couldn't back in 1998.

Until I am able to write again, I hope you enjoy the photos that I can share.  Some tell stories and some are just art.
  1. The Boy was very excited about the new Cars II. 

2. The Smell of Beer. This is Hubs in a neat window reflection trick. Slapped on a Pincushion lens to pull the words on the wall into the window more. 

3. "Eye on Dinner"   Photo of a ceramic cat, cake plate, and bird. I used blur to help soften the image and to draw the eye to focus on the main subjects. 

4. "Blowfish"   The fish was hanging in an antique store, Kudzu. I used a fisheye lens to focus in on the puffy fellow.

5. "Secret Passage"  I used a vibrant foilage filter, and then cross processed the image.

 Let me know what you think. Thanks for letting me share.

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